Launching 17 Mar 2010–just two days away!

Get ready for the launch of my new, carefully researched, dynamite NEW YORK BLOG–

“Skip New York?  NO!”

I attended a genealogy conference where the foremost New York genealogist was to speak.  I had my paper and pencil at the ready. Whatever she said, I planned to record.

At her first words I almost fell off my chair: ” If you have a New York lineage, I advise you to choose another line.  Skip New York altogether and save yourself a real headache.”

I waited for a chuckle.

None came.  She was serious.

And I decided then and there, that I would become an expert on New York genealogy sources.

So I have prepared myself with an arsenal of genealogy research sources and records for New York. And I am ready to share this knowledge with you.

Your favorite New York genealogist, Arlene Eakle

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