New Cemetery Database

Waterford  NY received a lot of French-speaking settlers, and the Troy Irish Genealogical Society has completed entering the interments from St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church of Cohoes, 1862-2013. Some 17, 237 burials are for French members.

The database is available at among Projects: Cemeteries, St Joseph’s Cemetery, Waterford NY. The database includes maiden names for women, places of birth, parish of residence/death.

Remember that people were often brought from other places to be buried among loved ones.

And when you chose a family group format to record your ancestors and their family members, choose one that lists places of burial for children. Lost and hard-to-find parents were often buried in the same plot with their children–even married daughters! I have found immigrant parents buried by children who later had the money to bring parents from the old country to spend their last years with family. Sometimes, the only record to alert you to this important genealogical fact, is the back of the tombstone or the burial register kept by the church clerk.

Databases, like the one cited above by Internet Genealogy, June/July 2016, are extremely valuable. Not everyone has the luxury of travel to cemeteries and burial registers in far-off places.  Your favorite New York Researcher, Arlene Eakle

PS My thanks to Internet Genealogy and the websites they alert us to.

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