Where Does Your New York Genealogy Research Start?

This is not a trick question.  You decide where you have a keen interest–which New York ancestors interest you most.  Then you make a summary of what you already know about those people.  Which items are proven; which ones still require work.

Then you study this New York blog for the resources that apply to your chosen project–remember that you can hire me to find those hard-to-locate ancestors.  Or I will teach you how to trace them yourself–beginning with this blog.

Very little fluff–just good information that will help you find your ancestors.  And this information is free. Your favorite New York genealogist, Arlene Eakle htp://arleneeakle.com

PS  This is coming to you from the Senior Expo FamilySearch-Family History Expos Pavilion.  Many thousands of seniors have been coming by getting genealogy research help.

PPS  And from 22 through 26 October 2012, I will be consulting with more than 30 attendees at the October Research Retreat held at the Family History Library.  Actually you register with Family History Expos, which includes research help–including me, moi, I, myself–and several other researchers of considerable renown! http://fhexpos.com


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