Live from Lockport, New York…

Hi ya’all, after several months, I am back–and live in New York!  Hadn’t meant to leave you hanging for so long.  Just got so busy going to Family History Expos.  Writing new handouts, and preparing checklists,  and up-dating previously written white papers.  And getting ready to turn my overhead presentations into power points.

I have resisted going to power point presentations for a number of reasons:

  1. Sheer number of  hours it takes to change from one media to another.  The power point I did with the help of Barry Ewell took over 35 hours.  And although it was a special program, the time investment was immense.  And I have more than 50 presentations!
  2. Overhead presentations seem to be more flexible; I can shift from one example to another easily without getting lost or  racing through a series of slides to get t0 another place in the sequence of slides.  I always worry that I will lose my place–I do not write out my presentations–they come from my head and from my heart.
  3. My computer skills still seem to be more limited than I need to make the conversions.  Even with the practice I am getting from continued computer input.


Technology is on the move–replacement overhead projectors are hard to find and repairs f0r the ones we have non-existent.  So if I want my audiences to see examples of actual genealogy documents, learn to read them correctly, and evaluate their evidence  fully–convert my presentations I must.

“Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks,” 2011 theme for Family History Expos events across the United States.  Come see your favorite New York  genealogist, Arlene Eakle make the jump into reality–it may be more entertaining than your actual genealogy research–watching this old d0g do new tricks.

PS  I still talk about New York sources and research strategies that make New York genealogy successful–when other genealogists are ready to give up, my research suggestions are just getting started.  Please keep tuned to this blog for special research help in New York.

PPS  This blog is coming to you from Lockport, New York.  After stops in Connecticut, Vermont, and various places across New York State!

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