Search Engines and Finding Genealogy Stuff

When you depend on search engines to find the genealogy stuff you need to prove your ancestry, your success depends on your knowledge of how to use a search engines to good advantage.

Even when you know there has to be an entry in the record.  Or even when you have clicked on a link to a record category.  And if you check a whole list of spelling variants in the search bar without success–it is the search engine that finds your data.

So I went looking for online help.  And BINGO! Cliff Lamere of Albany NY has prepared an online Tutorial on website search engines for genealogists.

This 6 page guide is easy to understand and follow and apply to your research.  When the website has a search box–you now can get better results.  I recommend that you study  and apply it too.  Your favorite New York genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  Many thanks, Cliff Lamere.

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