New York Immigrant Populations

New York City and its environs is often represented by pictures and drawings of the Statue of Liberty as if New York City and the Statue were one and the same.  Renovations on the Crown of Miss Liberty were completed for the July 4th celebration in 2009 and it became possible once more to climb into her Crown.

Think about these New York City immigrant stats (courtesy of CNN):

  1. Largest Jewish population of any city in the United States, topping even LosAngeles.
  2. 2nd largest Russian population in the US–
  3. 4th largest Italian population in the US–with many Italians settling up the Hudson River Valley.
  4. By 1900, there were more Irish in New York than in Ireland!

New York truly launched new generations of immigrants.

Think about these stats as you trace your ancestors across New York to someplace else.  Have to cross New York to get to someplace else.  Very hard to do it any other way.  Your favorite New York genealogist, Arlene Eakle

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